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Summer 2017
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Registration Dates:
2017-06-03 – 2017-06-30 regular
hummel USA
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun between 9:00am and 12:00pm

7v7 - 8 matches|playoffs + 3v3 tournament

Team Fees
Regular 450.0 per team + 5.0 Processing Fee
Additional Team Fee 100.0 (payable by captain)
Free Agent Fees
Regular 50.0 + 5.0 Processing Fee

Join us on the pitch this season!

All leagues are open to both men and women; there is no requirement for a certain number of either gender to be on a team or field at any time and all goals count the same. CASA is for everyone - including any person who calls themselves a footballer, no matter their ability. CASA Soccer is the largest independent amateur adult network on the East Coast. 


Join us in our 7v7 Saturday Mornings Summer League on the grass fields at Philadelphia Soccer Club (PSC) in Philadelphia, PA.  Special thanks to PSC, all registered teams will automatically compete in the 3v3 Philly Cup Tournament on July 8th. Starting on Saturday, July 8 and running through August 26, 2017, teams will play 8+ games.

  • 7v7 soccer on Philly Soccer Club grass fields
  • 50 minute matches consist of two 25 minute halves
  • 8 match days + playoffs on 8/26
  • Hummel karma match balls provided
  • Hummel CASA store and team orders - link here
  • 3v3 Cup Tournament for all registered teams on July 8 
  • Certified Match Officials ($25 per team per match)
  • $450 per team, $50 per player
  • Welcoming individual players, groups of players, and new teams
  • Returning Teams use code hummel to rollover your $100 team disciplinary deposit

Want to join a team by yourself or with friends?

Register as a "Individual" and we will place you on a team, GUARANTEED! This is a great way to meet new people, and many of our returning teams started as a group of free agents. If you and a friend want to play on the same team, register as Individual players and then write each other's names in the "Teammate or Team Request" box during registration. If you have more than a couple of friends interested in playing together, register as a "Small Group Member" and then have your friends do the same under your Small Group listing.

Want to start your own team?

Read our Captains Corner page which outlines two options for captains to register their team and manage their season dues.  Need additional players for your team? Email communications@phillysoccer.com and we'll be happy to help. Don't see the type of league you want or specific day you're looking to play on? Let us know! We a're continually activating new fields and expanding our leagues to accommodate more teams.

Rules of the 7v7 game

There is NO SLIDE TACKLING (except goalkeepers)NO OFFSIDES, and NO GOALKEEPER PUNTING in ANY of our leagues!

LEAGUE STANDINGS POINT SYSTEM | Win = 3 points, Tie = 1 points, Loss = 0 points. League games that end in a tie score after regulation play shall remain a tie game. Playoff games ending in a tie will go directly to Penalty Kicks. (See IV. M. PENALTY KICKS)

LEAGUE DIVISIONS TIES | Any league divisions ending in a tie at the end of the league season shall be governed by the following tie breaking system order: 1. Goal differential   2. Goals for

NUMBER OF PLAYERS | 1. Seven players, one of whom shall be a goalkeeper. 2. Minimum of 5 players needed to start and continue a game.3. Team roster is limited to 14 players. 4. If minimum # of players is not met at game start time, the game clock will start, and if the team does not meet the required number of players by 10 minutes into the game, game will be recorded as a forfeit.

YELLOW CARD POLICY | A player receiving a yellow card must sit out for 2 minutes. Another player may immediately sub in for the yellow-carded player.

RED CARD POLICY | A player or coach sent off in (or after) a game by a referee (red carded) will automatically be suspended from the next gameday in the season. Red card offenses include suspensions for "foul and abusive language", "persistent infraction of the rules after receiving a 2nd caution, and "violent conduct". The team is fined $100 and must be paid to the league before the next league match. If for any reason an official asks that a person leave the arena, the person must leave.

START OF PLAY | 1. Kickoff will be given to the home team. Visitors will have kickoff at the start of the second half. 2. A kickoff will start the game and restart the game after a goal has been scored. 3. Teams will change direction at half time and alternate kickoff. 4. A goal can be scored directly from a kickoff. 5. The ball does not have to go forward from a kickoff. 6. Player has 5 seconds to put ball back into play. 7. All free kicks are indirect.

GOALKEEPERS | 1. Outdoor FIFA rules apply when passing back to the goalkeeper. 2. Goalkeeper may slide tackle inside the penalty box leading with either hands or feet if done safely and with intent to play the ball, subject to the referee's discretion. 3. Goalkeeper may not punt or drop-kick the ball.

SUBSTITUTIONS | 1. Free unlimited substitutions on the fly.2. Substituting players must enter/exit within 3 yards of the midfield line by "tagging" in and out.

FREE KICKS | 1. All free kicks are indirect. 2. Ball is in play when it moves from foot contact from the initial player. 3. Opposing players shall be 5 yards (15 feet) from the ball.4. Player taking a kick cannot play it again until someone else touches the ball. 5. If opponent refuses to move back 5 yards (15 ft) on referee's request, he may be given a yellow card for unsportsmanlike behavior. 6. If a player taking the kick delays for longer than five (5) seconds after having been signaled to do so by the referee, the opposing team will be awarded the kick.

PENALTY KICKS (SHOOTOUT) | 1. If necessary, time shall be extended at the end of each period to allow the taking of a penalty kick. 2. The ball shall be placed at the spot on the top of the goalkeeper's area. 3. Only the goalkeeper is allowed in the penalty area. 4. In the event of a tie (during playoffs only), penalty kicks will be taken (no overtime). Winner will be decided by the best team out of 5 kicks. If still tied after both teams have taken 5 kicks, then additional players will take the kicks in a sudden death kick off. Only players that were on the field at the end of the game will be allowed to participate.

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