The Casa Soccer League operates entirely on volunteers who commit their time and efforts to advance the league each season.  Want to get involved? Contact us at and tell us how!  We are always looking for active players in the community to help us improve the league.

*      President - Tim Hampson (email)

*      Vice President - Steve McLaughlin (email)

*      Treasurer - Andrew Sinclair (email)

*      Director of Marketing - Nathan Szwerdszarf (email)

*      Fundraising Chair - Alex Tablin-Wolf (email

*      Director of Community Outreach & Partnership - Robert Freed (email

*      Director of Social Media - Chris Eichfeld (email

*      Captain's Rep [All Programs] - Devin MaGrann (email)

*      Women's Division Commissioner - Veronica Stickelman (email)

*      Director of Player Development - Amy Wieczorek (email)

*      Primera (1st Division) Commissioner - Dan Hanna (email)

*      Segunda (2nd Division) Commissioner - Vincent Miracola (email

*      Tercera (3rd Division) Commissioner - Nick Garthoff (email)

*      Cuarto (4th Division) Commissioner - Ryan Broderick (email)

*      Quinto (5th Division) Commissioner - Tim Hampson (email)

*      Over-30 Commissioner - David Scott (email)

*      Abierto Commissioner - Bob Bustin (email)

*      Committee Head - Alex Tablin-Wolf (email

*      Committee Member - Jeff Fonda (email

*      Director of Referees - Mark Garcia (email)

*      Senior Official & Player Stats Guru - Joe Cimino (email)

*     Senior Official - Chris Jones (email)

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